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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Publicar Publicado em: 31-10-2018

Training Course | Causal Inference and Policy Evaluation with Stata

ISEG will host a training course about "The Casual Interence and Policy Evaluation with Stata", on the 9 th and 10 th of November, in sala Staples (Quelhas Building, 3 rd floor).

This course aims to provide the full set of tools and techniques that any modern applied economist needs to know about this subject.

Participants will learn the fundamental principles of modern econometrics and will also learn how to apply the techniques properly using the software Stata.

This course, organized by Timberlake and Cemapre, will be taught in English.

The subjects forming this training course are:
>> Random Experiments and Observational Data
- The potential Outcomes Framework
- Regression Adjustment, Weighting and Matching

>> Dealing with Unobserved Heterogeneity
- Panel Data and Difference-in-Difference
- Instrumental Variables and Regression Discontinuity Designs


- Academic Staff
- Masters / PHD students
- Professionals that need to analyses data.


Enrol now here.

Further Information: