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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Concerto | Jar skoles strykeorkester

Em 26-06-2015 das 18:00 às 20:00 / Auditório CGD | ISEG


Jar skoles strykeorkester and its first time in Portugal,  hosted by ISEG on the 26 th June at 6 p.m. Auditorium CGD

Jar skoles strykeorkester is a string orchestra school from Norway.
When the orchestra was founded in 1949 all the members were from the same school, but presently they come from different schools and their age is between 12 and 19 years old.
It is run by the parents and the members meet once a week in the afternoon!
The most relevant issue is that young musicians learn to play together! Be familiar with their musical heritage and make musical and social friends!
They have been playing within Norway and in Scandinavia, in many European countries during the years, and now Portugal with ten of their members.
They play a lot of music from the Baroque period, but also all sorts of music made for string players.
The names of the musicians:
Anders Bendiksen
Andrea Balk
Caroline Juul
Farhood Marvast
Johanne Grønsleth
Thale Bergsholm Nesse
Tilde Torrissen
Tuva Widding
Victoria Haugen
Selma Strandskogen
Tore Widding, chairman
Torunn Hægstad, conductor