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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Transforming Capitalism Lab |  Education 4.0: The Disconnect between Learning and Deep Human Creativity  

Em 08-11-2018 das 14:00 às 17:30 / Terraço / Rooftop

We invite you all to join us follow together the U process and contribute to a global network of change makers!

Please find here the calendar for all the Presencing Institute "Transforming Capitalism Lab" on-line sessions for this year at ISEG.

The next session will take place on the 8 th of November at ISEG, in the Rooftop (ISEG, Quelhas New Building). 

Title: Education 4.0: The Disconnect between Learning and Deep Human Creativity

In all sessions we will have:
14h-14h15 - Welcoming tea
14h15-14h45 - Mindfulness
14h45-15h - Break
15h-16h - Online live session
16h-17h30 - Group breakouts & testimonials

Poster (pdf)