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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Seminário "Modeling and solution approaches to practical scheduling problems in manufacturing and service industry"

Em 09-10-2009 às 11:00 / Edifício Quelhas, sala CTT

Aiying Rong - CEMAPRE - ISEG


FCT Program FEDER/POCTI 2010

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Abstract: Operations research (OR) techniques and intelligent techniques can find wide applications in different industry sectors, service sectors and economics. In this seminar, First, I will talk about the procedures for modeling and solving the general scheduling problems by OR techniques alone or by combining OR techniques and intelligent techniques.
Then I will use my personal research activities in different sectors such as iron and steel industry, energy industry, food industry, air cargo industry, electronic industry to show how to address the practical scheduling problems by integrating the characteristics of different sectors into problem formulation and developing the solution  approaches smartly.
Finally, I will mention my ideas of extending OR techniques into economics, trying to attract the cooperation with the researchers in economics.