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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Welcome Day for the Erasmus/ Incoming Students

Em 24-02-2011 às 10:00 / Edifício Quelhas, Auditório II

Our official Welcome Day for the Erasmus/Incoming Students will be held on the next 24th of February of 2011, at 10:00, at Auditorium II, Quelhas Building.

The President, the Vice-President of ISEG, the Erasmus Team and a member of the Students' Union will be present at this welcoming day at ISEG.

Some Erasmus students from the first semester of the current academic year will give their testimony to the new incoming students.

A representative from the Erasmus Student Network will make a brief presentation of their association.

The students will also have the pleasure to attend the performance of our Tuna Económicas and meet their Erasmus Buddy, in case they have not met him/her yet.

After this session, the Students' Union is preparing a special programme for all the incoming students that are currently studying at ISEG, namely a guided-tour and a joint lunch at our canteen.

At our Welcome Day the incoming students can meet each other as well as share their experiences.

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