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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


CONFERÊNCIA | The Welfare State in Portugal in the Age of Austerity

Em 09-05-2014 a 10-05-2014 / Quelhas 6 Building, ISEG Lisboa


Click here to visit the conference webpage

ISEG, 9 th - 10 th May 2014

What is the role of the Welfare State in a time of economic crisis, fiscal austerity and social problems?

This conference, organized by the University of Lisbon, aims to stimulate academic discussion on the present and future of the welfare state in Portugal. It is expected to be a meeting of academics, who are dedicated to the study of social policy across of spectrum of different scientific disciplines.

It will promote interdisciplinary academic discussion on the transformation of the welfare state in Portugal, in a time of financial austerity, economic crisis and rising social risks.



Registration for the Conference opens on 1 st March 2014.
» Register here


Registration Fee

Before 31st March: 100€
After 1st April: 150€
Masters & PhD students are eligible for a 50% discount on price registration.

*Registrations and fee payments after May 5th  must be done during the event on the Conference Secretariat.


José António Pereirinha - ISEG

Romana Xerez - ISCSP


Dália Costa (ISCSP)
Elvira Pereira (ISCSP)
Olivia Bina (ICS)
Paula Albuquerque (ISEG)
Paula Pinto (ISCSP)
Rafael Marques (ISEG)
Sofia Aboim (ICS)
Vitor Escária (ISEG)