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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


SEMINÁRIO ISEG 2S | Financial markets and cliometrics

Em 05-06-2014 às 14:00 / Quelhas 6 | Piso 3 | Room Delta


» Click here to visit the ISEG 2S webpage and view the complete programme for the Seminar Series.

Larry Neal - University of Illinois

Financial markets and cliometrics


The study of financial markets is a growing part of cliometrics for at least three reasons.
First, appreciation of the role financial markets played in the rise and spread of capitalism has grown, along with concerns about financial crises. Second, accessibility to the immense amount of data generated by financial markets keeps improving thanks to continued advances in digital communications technology. Third, analytical techniques for determining the behavioral patterns of time series have advanced.
While typically only price data for financial assets are available without the corresponding volume of the assets being traded, the consequences of sharp, or sustained, changes in the price of financial assets can be detected in other economic data.
Interesting insights on fundamental historical issues are also possible by applying economic and political theory to cliometric studies of financial markets.

Organizing Team
This seminars series is organized by Joana Pais (ECO), Raquel M. Gaspar (FIN/MG) and Isabel Proença (QM).

Meeting the Speaker
All speakers are available to meet faculty at ISEG before the talk. Slots are limited. To book your time with the speaker, contact one of the coordination team members.

Mailing list
To join the ISEG 2S Seminar Mailing List and receive regular information contact Filomena Ferreira.

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