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CIISEG Services   Databases and Telework

Databases and Telework


    The access to the Library Databases can be made through the website of the  Francisco Pereira de Moura Library. The databases can be found in the Serviços menu, biblioteca digital, and are divided in bibliographic, numeric and other databases.


    However, not all databases can be accessed through the internet. Some might be accessed through the equipments in the School, like the equipments in Classrooms, Computer Labs and Offices or Services. 


    Accessing the databases from outside the School lack the configuration of the proxy in your internet browser. Configure your proxy with the following:

    proxy server:  proxy.iseg.ulisboa.pt  

    port: 3128 

    For more information, please check the manuals in the  publications page. When accessing the internet, your username and password will be requested.

    Telework (VPN)

    To access to telework through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) please follow these steps:

    1. Identify yourself and request a VPN access by email to helpdesk@iseg.ulisboa.pt.

    2. The IT department will send you the needed file to configure your VPN (username.p12).

    3. Download the files above and follow the instructions in the manual.


    Exclusive service to teachers and staff of the School.




    The access to the Microdados Quadros de Pessoal of the Ministry of Economy (database of staff of Portuguese organizations) requires a special request according to the ISEG / GEE/ME protocol, in a research project scope. For that, you should print, fill up and sign the Appendix A (one for project) and the Appendix B (one for researcher) of the Access Request for Quadros de Pessoal, available in the  publications page, in the Requests section. After printed, filled up and signed, the Appendices should be deliver in the IT department to the attention of Gonçalo João. When the access is granted by the Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos (GEE), you will receive further instructions and the manual. Students may have access to the database while researchers of the Master or PhD thesis, but the request should be presented together with their supervisor.


    Available data: organizations, establishments and workers (1985 - 2012).

    Financial Times

    The rules for the FT.com access are:


    1. Request the access through a ticket on Helpdesk;

    2. Fill your ISEG email address and full name;

    3. The access is exclusive for teachers, researchers, students and staff of ISEG;

    4. The access is limited to the available licenses in a first in first out perspective;

    5. The access is valid for a year, but can be canceled earlier due to inactivity over three months when there is a lack of licenses for new requests;


    The best practices are:


    1. The access to FT.com is exclusive for academic purposes;

    2. The inactivity or end of the academic purpose can be communicated by the user;

    3. Help us on a better management of a limited resource as FT.com.