Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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Facilities and Services Link

All students have access to computer rooms, which can be an invaluable asset in obtaining information and preparing class assignments and projects. About two hundred computers are available with internet access, and the most common software. Remember, you are also entitled to your personal e-mail address at ISEG. 

Users who have a portable computer with a wireless network board can read their e-mail or access the web from numerous locations around the Campus of ISEG without having to hook up their modems. 
Virtual Secretariat - Academic Service for Students - AQUILA System.

Standing around in queues to register for courses is a thing of the past. At ISEG, students register on-line through the web. They can view their exam results and check their credit accumulation. Note however that first-time registrations are carried out on paper. Upon first registration, new students receive their username and password for future use of AQUILA that is the "virtual" face of the Academic Services of the University.

Timetable: Monday/Friday 9.00 am to 23.00 pm. Closed during the month of August.