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Alunos Novos 1º ano 1ª vez - 1ª fase Link

Student Enrolment 1  st year 2021/2022 (1  st phase)

Placed by the National Contest for Access to Higher Education



Students who enter for the first time in the 1st year, through the National Contest for Access to Higher Education, must register / enrol online 27th (10 a.m. )until 28th September.


Candidates placed must access the platform here, placing their passwords received by sms from ISEG.
You will be directed to the Welcome screen, where the information to process the Registration will appear;

How: Fenix ​​Portal > “Student” tab > left side menu > “Enrol” option > “Enrolment Processes” > Click on “Start Enrolment Process”

In the final step, after selecting the button “Confirmar Matricula” (confirm enrolment), the document “proof of enrolment” is generated.. Only after clicking on the “Finish” button is the registration process completed.

You will need to update your personal data on the various screens, at the end of the registration you will be directed to the CGD page to issue the Student Card (which can be bank or non-bank);
If you have any questions you can send an email to


Students must regularize the enrolment fee which includes the Payment of Fees for Administrative Acts in the amount of € 50.00 + 1st installment of the Tuition Fee (€ 157.00) + School Insurance (€ 2.03), in the total amount of € 209.03.
Payment must be made by ATM or homebanking.
Note: Tuition fees are available for payment 24h to 48h after enrollment., the payment should be done until the deadline , October 2nd.
Students applying for SAS ULisboa (Social Welfare Services) scholarship are exempt from the tuition fee. You must therefore send by email (  the proof of your application to the scholarship .



  • The Student Card is essential for your day-to-day life within your Higher Education Institution and allows you to manage your life financially and academically. It is mandatory and free.
  • To order your card online, you will need to have the Digital Mobile Key.
  • The Digital Mobile Key is a means of authentication and digital signature certified by the Portuguese State that allows the user to access several public or private portals, and to sign digital documents, with a single login. This mechanism associates a mobile phone number with the civil identification number for a Portuguese citizen, and the passport or title / residence card number for a foreign citizen.
The activation of the digital mobile key is available at .


Classes will start in October 1st, 2021
All theoretical classes ("Lectures") are taught online. In ISEG’s website, at the bottom, in the quick links for students, you should choose “Office 365” and login with your ISEG username and password. From Office 365 you can download and install MS Teams.  


In the MS Teams platform, all class-groups of all course units you are enrolled in will be created.


Your Student portal allows you to issue various types of statements that are printed, signed and stamped. You can obtain statements through the tab “MyFenix” >  “Services”> option “Requesitions” > "Create".
Requests for Sub-23 Declaration (declaration for public transports) , is also required throught the system however is not automaticaly, requires intervention of the Academic Services to be issue ,



What are Health Safety Rules Thar All Students Must Follow? 

Given the pandemic, our individual behavior is what keeps ourselves and others safe. The information regarding ISEG’s contingency plan is updated regularly in the website. These are the main rules to follow at all times:


- The use of face mask is mandatory permanently when you are inside a building, except if you are eating or drinking.

-Outside the buildings in our campus, we recommend the use of masks, but it is not mandatory – unless there is a large number of people. Please be good judges of the risks you are taking and defend yourselves and others. We recommend that everyone brings more than one mask every day, to avoid awkward situations if a mask deteriorates.

- It is recommended by Health Authorities that you are vaccinated. If you are not a Portuguese system, you are welcome to use our national health system which is ready to give you a shot or two :), of the vaccine, of course!

-Frequent washing / disinfection of the hands is essential. There are hand gel dispensers in several points of our campus. But it’s also a good idea that you carry an individual small bottle of gel with you.

- In the classrooms, depending on class size, whenever possible, it is recommended that you keep distance from one another. But it is no longer possible to guarantee that in all classes there are empty chairs – since we are adopting the Governmental recommendation of making the most of in-person classes. If some classes still have tables indicating “No seating”, please ignore them. If needed, you can sit in those places.

-Our campus has been certified by Apcer with the stamp “Covid-Safe”, which means we have, right now, the physical conditions to ensure the safety of all. However, it is our behavior – individual and collective – that defines our safety. We highlight the importance that each and every one:

- respects the signs that are spread in our building and outside regarding circulation and the possibility of sitting / not sitting in the different seats and zones.

- only comes to ISEG in the days and hours in which that is strictly necessary and circulates only in spaces in which he or she is developing some required activity.

- avoid forming big groups of people, both inside and outside the buildings; come to ISEG prepared for the whole stay. We recommend that students always carry a bottle of water and something to eat for theplanned hours of stay at ISEG (since the University of Lisbon’s refectory in our school is not yet open – and we are also fighting for that to change).

  • Final Exams
    All students are supposed to be in the campus for the final exams in January and February 2022.

Other informations


Welcome to ISEG and we wish you an excellent school year 2021/2022!