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A change of university/degree is the act by which a student enrols, or is registered for a university/degree other than the one (s) for which they were enrolled for in previous Academic Years. A change of university/degree can occur with, or without the interruption of enrolment and registration at a university.
Change of university/degree is not allowed during the Academic Year for which the student had been admitted to a university/degree under any access and entrance regime, and is already enrolled and registered.
Change of university/professional technical course, or of a foreign course at the equivalent level for a Bachelors Degree is not permitted.


  APLICATIONS ONLINE - 1st until a 19th July, 2021  - see here 


If you are an ISEG student or alumnus, you should login on the ISEG website, updating your personal information and then complete your application using the following steps:
Applications > Change Par Institution Degree> Create


Students may request a change of university/degree if they:
-  Have been enrolled and registered in another university/degree, but have not yet completed their degree;
-  Have completed the respective national secondary school exams for university entrance, for the same Academic Year, under the general access regime;
-  Have achieved in these examinations the minimum grade required by the university for that year, under the general access regime;
-  Students whose registration has expired due to the application of the suspensions regime can only apply for this regime, once the two semesters of the suspension have elapsed.
The regime of change of university/degree also applies to students from a Member State of the European Union or those with Portuguese nationality, as long as:
-  They are currently, or have been enrolled and registered in a foreign university which is so designated by the Law of the country concerned, and have not yet completed their degree;
Students who have a non-Portuguese qualification which is legally equivalent to that of Portuguese Secondary Education, are exempt from the national secondary education exams that count for admission to ISEG, under Article 20-A of Decree-Law No. 296-A/98, of 25 September, in its current form, in conformity with CNAES Ruling No. 973/2015, of  29 May.
For students who have been admitted to university through the special regime for "over 23s" (regulated by Decree-Law No. 64/2006, of 21 March, altered by Decree-Law No. 113/2014, of 16 July), the entrance exams  (national exams) can be replaced by the entrance exams for admission to higher education for over 23 year-olds required by ISEG for the degree for which they intend to apply for.
Students who have been admitted to higher education with a Diploma of Technological Specialisation (DTS), or with a Professional Higher Technical Diploma (PHTD), cannot request the replacement of the entrance exams, and must prove that they successfully sat the national examinations. (No. 2 of Articles 8 and 11 of Decree-Law No. 113/2014, of 16 July).


Required entrance exams:
- Mathematics A, or;
- Mathematics A + Economics, or;
- Mathematics A + Portuguese;
Minimum entrance grade: 95 (on a scale of 0 to 200)
Minimum application grade: 100 (on a scale of 0 to 200)


Applications will be ranked according to the following criteria a):
st - Weighted average of the grades obtained for the required entrance exam(s) (50%) and Secondary Education or equivalent (50%) b);
nd -  The most subjects/curricular units taken for the degree/School of origin (an annual subject is considered to be equivalent to a Semester);
rd -  Best arithmetic average of the subjects/curricular units taken during the degree/School of origin c).
a) The admission of applicants for each degree, for the available places, is made by descending order of the ranked list resulting from the application of the above-mentioned ranking criteria.
Admission is valid only for enrolment and registration in the Academic Year for which the application is made.
b) Without prejudice to the verification of the conditions stipulated in the Regulation approved by Ruling No. 181-D/2015, of 19 June, applicants will be considered for admission only if they achieve the minimum grades required for candidates through the General Regime, namely the minimum entrance grade and the minimum application grade.
Applicants who do not have the required Mathematics A entrance exam or proof of the equivalent (foreign students, Article 20-A of Decree-Law No. 296-A/98) shall be excluded from admission.
c) Only those subjects/curricular units of the scientific areas of the degree being applied for will count, which are presumed to give future credits. 


Economics (English) 
Management (English)  
Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management    
Finance (English)   


a) The number of available places for a university/degree for a specific regime (change of university/degree, graduates and/or over 23 year-olds) can be used for another regime, according to the priorities established;
b) Each candidate may submit more than one application, provided that they meet the conditions of entry for the chosen study cycles and pay the respective fee for each application submitted. Should a candidate submit more than one application, then these applications must be ranked in order of preference;
c) Students or alumni of ISEG can apply, during same academic year, through the re-admission regime, for their original degree, and through the change of university/degree regime for the degree for which they intend to change to.



Application Fee of 60.00 Euros (non-returnable)
-  For students resident in Portugal, the application fee is paid on submission of the application by ATM, using an automatically-generated reference. If the application fee is not paid by ATM using the reference, then the application will be considered invalid.
-  Student living abroad can submit their application by E-mail (, requesting bank payment details.


Applicants from Portuguese universities:
- Photograph;
- Photocopy of Citizen's Card (or Identity Document) a);
- Photocopy of Tax Number (NIF) - if you do not have a Citizen's card;
- Photocopy of entrance grades for Higher Education (ENES form), for the year of applying for Higher Education (the national Mathematics A exam is obligatory, with a minimum grade of 9.5);
- A certificate of valid enrolment and registration at the original university if you do not possess proof of passing curricular units, or a pass certificate for subjects/curricular units with corresponding credits (ECTS) and the grades achieved (not applicable for ISEG students);
- A declaration that they are not subject to the suspension regime (not applicable for ISEG students).


If you do not intend to provide a photocopy, then you must present the document in person for data validation at the Undergraduate Office;
Errors or omissions in completing the electronic application form are the sole responsibility of the applicant.


Applicants from Foreign Universities:
Certificate of a Secondary Education course that is legally equivalent to a Portuguese one, recognised by the Directorate General of Education or the respective secondary school, with a breakdown of the subjects studied, as well as of the grades of the equivalent of the final national examinations of the secondary education subjects required for the degree that is being applied for b) and c);
A certificate of valid registration/enrolment at the original university, with confirmation that the degree is recognised as being of Higher Education by the Law of the country in question b);
Certificate of the completed subjects of the degree and university of origin, with details of the corresponding credits (ECTS) and grades obtained, with an explanation of the grading scale used in the country of origin b).
a) Students with temporary residence must submit a copy of the SEF Certificate of Registration of Time of Residence in Portugal (Certidão de Contagem de Tempo de Residência em Portugal);
b) The documents indicated must be authenticated by a Portuguese Consulate, or submitted with a valid Hague Apostille Seal and must be emitted by the legally competent authority of the State where the document originates from (Official Education Services). Where documents are not issued in Portuguese, English, French, or Spanish, they must be translated into one of these languages;
c) Brazilian candidates with Portuguese nationality:


When the applicant holds a Brazilian high school certificate, and passed the National High School Examination (Exame Nacional de Ensino Médio - ENEM) during the calendar year, or during the three calendar years prior to the application, with a minimum grade of 700 points, calculated by means of the grade weighting of for the following subjects:


Mathematics and Associated Technologies - 80%
Writing - 20%
Minimum grade of 140 (Portuguese scale).


International students are not permitted apply for this access regime, unless they have been attributed the status of equality of rights and duties established by an international treaty between the Portuguese State and their national State.


 -  Application period: 1 to 19 July, 2021
- Notification of the Admission results: until 6th September 2021 (subject to confirmation)  a)
- Registration and Enrolment (online): 7 to 9 September, 2021 (subject to confirmation)


a) The list of admissions, together with the registration deadlines by degree can be consulted on the website of ISEG,
More information:
- Classes start on September 13th
- External Credits - You must send the completed form by email (, after receipt of the email bank references will be created (by Academic Services, after regularization of the amounts, an in-person appointment will be scheduled for delivery all required documents;
- Internal Credits (ISEG) - The student must send the completed form by email (, after receipt of the email bank references will be created by the Academic Services, the credits will be released after regularization of the amounts as well how to reorganize your curriculum;
Should a successful applicant not enrol for their place, or drop out within the stipulated registration deadline, they then lose the right to their place, in which case the place will be given to the applicant who is next on the list according to the ranking criteria, up until the place is taken up, or if there are no more applicants..
-  Decree-Law No. 196/2006
-  Order No. 181-D/2015
-  Ruling No. 925-A/2016
-  Declaration of Rectification No. 191/2017
- Regime for change of University/ISEG degree
Any doubt can be clarified by the Undergraduate Offices via E-mail:, telephone 213925800, .


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