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Application for Separate Course Units 2021-2022 Link

Application for Separate Course Units Link

Registered ISEG undergraduates can applying to study for separate course units, as can other applicants.  International students enrolled on Higher Education Institutions must apply as Free-Mover students.




  • 1st Phase: From the 1  st until 31  th of July, 2021 (applications for course units in the 1 st and 2 nd Semesters);
  • 2nd Phase: From the   2  nd until  31 th of January, 2022 (applications for course units in the 2 nd Semester).




-  Application Form (here);
- Higher education certificates;
- A photograph;
- Educational and Professional curriculum (the suggested model is the European CV);
-  Photocopy of ID document/Citizen's card;
-  Photocopy of tax number.
Applications should be sent by E-mail to


APLICATIONS FEE:   60 Euros (the applications charges are non-refundable)
Late applications can always be accepted, as long as there are still places available (for further information on late applications, send an E-mail t o ).


  (Offers to applicants will be sent by E-mail)
  • Applications for the 1 st Phase - 3 th of September, 2021 (subject to confirmation);
  • Applications for the 2 nd Phase - 8 th of February, 2022 (subject to confirmation) .


Offers for applications for each course unit are subject to the availability of places. An offer is only valid for the academic year requested in the application.


Enrolment for the course units offered occurs during the periods outlined below (subject to confirmation) and is carried out directly at the Undergraduate Office:
  • Successful applications for the 1 st Phase - 5 th until 10 th of September, 2021 (subject to confirmation) ;
  • Successful applications for the 2 nd Phase - 9 th until 10 th of February, 2022 (subject to confirmation) .


  • Currently enrolled ISEG undergraduates - €250  (for each course unit)
  • External students (including ex-ISEG students) - €350  (for each course unit)
In addition to the payment of a charge for enrolment for separate course units, the payment of educational insurance will also be due. This amount is not refundable in case you give up the application later.
Enrolled students receive exactly the same treatment and rights as those students who have enrolled for the course unit through the normal channels, including assessment. For those students already enrolled as ISEG undergraduates, the results of the assessment for a separate course unit do not count for the final grade of their degree, but they have the right to receive a certificate that lists all course units studied for, together with the grades achieved. Separate course units do not confer a degree diploma, neither graduate status.
Separate course units earn credits under the terms of Rules and Regulations for the Attribution fo Credits for Academic Education and Professional Experience , should the student enrol to study for higher education, that contains in its Study Plan these curricular units.