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Assessments Calendar Link

Information about the Re-Sit Exams related to the curricular units of the 1st semester of 2020-21 Link

Taking into account the new confinement rules that prevented the exams from the re-sit exams of the 1st semester 2020-21 in face-to-face format, a distance assessment format was adopted and some exceptions were defined in the information provided by the Dean of ISEG in this link.


Below you will find the following exam maps and how the Re-sit period for the 1st semester was reorganized:


1. Calendar of exams for the online re-sit period in February for the curricular units of the 1st semester of 2020-21 - marked in yellow are the curricular units that will be held in July but will work in February at a distance exclusively for the cases provided for above-mentioned communication (Undergraduate Students who are Finalists in the current semester who can finish their degrees on the 1st semester, Erasmus students 1st semester - incoming and students who did not attend the normal season for reasons Covid-19, validated by the Academic Services):
LINK of the online re-sit exams calendar for the 1st semester 2020-21 courses - February
2. Calendar of exams to be held in July for repetition of the Curricular Units marked in yellow on the map above for all the remaining students who did not fit the defined exceptions and which will work in the week from 19 to 24 July: Calendar available  here


In these periods for repetition of curricular units (February and July) it is not allowed to make improvements in grade.


3. Special season of September, for the following students:
Finalist students (with a maximum of 24 ECTS  to complete the undergraduate degree);
→ Students with valid special status;
→ Students who were unable to attend the normal season of the 1st semester due to Covid19 reasons (situations justified and verified by the Academic Services) whose Re-sit Season did not obtain approval;
Grade improvements in 1st semester course units.

Calendar available  here


Notes: These exams run from August 30 to September 10.

Registration for this season will take place online from July 26 to August 2nd (grades published after August 2nd regarding the re-si exames of the 1st sem, students can send an email to the academic services in case they intend to register for September until August 6th).