Development Studies

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Why choose ISEG?

The main objective of the degree in Development and International Cooperation is to provide Masters graduates with additional skills to those acquired during the 1 st Cycle, which will help them find employment as leaders, managers, and senior technicians of public and private organisations and international organisations. The aim is to strengthen the understanding of economic, political, and sociological theories of development and social change, as well as international cooperation for development; and also to learn research methodologies in this area, as well as the complexity of the empirical reality of the South, and to ensure that Masters students are equipped with the skills needed to prepare technical dossiers to support policy decision-making in the area of economic and social development policy, as well as international cooperation.


Designed For

The Masters in Development and International Cooperation is essentially designed to complete the 1  st Cycle education of Bachelors degrees in Economics, Management, Sociology, and International Relations, or other subjects that are related to the Masters, preparing students for carrying out professional duties related with the problems of development and international cooperation, or in teaching and scientific research.



Since it was created, this Masters has fulfilled a key role in the education of a new generation of specialised managers for the public and private sector, as well as universities and research centres, non-governmental organisations, and foundations related to development and international cooperation in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.


Operational Regime

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