International Mobility Office

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From the perspective of approaching the European dimension, enriching personal experiences and better placement of our students regarding the employment world and the constant changes that occur there, ISEG has focused since 1989 on the Community Socrates/Erasmus program.


Regarding ISEG students mobility, the number of students has grown. In recent years an office was created thatallowed itself to be a structure of student support, giving you the necessary warranties for a successful exchange, consisting on an application process accompanied with additional information and clarification regarding the schools to which you can apply, through a selection process, through the choice of courses duly validated by ISEG exchange coordinator and then by following as closely as possible the students while their abroad and also upon their arrival. The balance has been substantial positive for ISEG as an institution and for the students, both from an academic and personal point of view.


The number of foreign student mobility to ISEG, has also increased considerably. This students staying at ISEG greatly enriched our academic and socio-cultural life.


Hopefully you'll enjoy this unique opportunity to study abroad, that will most certainly be enriching, not only on the academic and scientific level, but also in a personal level. It is, likewise, an experience highly valued in the development of academic and professional careers.


We wish you a great exchange experience!


Always at your disposal for whatever you need!


The International Mobility Office Team