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SEHO2019 Conf VENUE Practical Info

Conf VENUE Practical Info

    ISEG CAMPUS and Practical Information

    ISEG CAMPUS ( link)

    Address: Rua das Francesinhas

    ( reference point 1 minute walking distance: Assembleia da Republica, Palácio São Bento / National Parliament

    Maps and Photos 

    ISEG in Lisbon: maps and how to arrive ISEG  here

    How to Get to ISEG: Map here

    ISEG Buildings and Entrances: ( here)

    From Airport to Marques de Pombal (Florida Hotel and Fenis Hotels)

    and From Marques de Pombal to ISEG ( MAPS HERE)

    Weather: 10 day forecast :  https://www.ipma.pt/en/ 

    Plenary Sessions Room (Auditório CGD):  here



    Fenix Music 3*, Fenix Garden 3*, Fenix Lisboa 4* and Fenix Urban 4* (last places available!)  

    The chain of  Fenix Hotels (3* and 4*), provides to the SEHO participants a link for booking. You can visit the link   here and check availability and prices.   https://seho2019lisbon.hfhotels.com/ ; Each guest accesses and can make their own reservation. All reservations must be made through the link, choosing the specific Fenix hotel, dates (within the period May 26-29) and number of rooms and guests. Further questions: Email:   daniela.goncalves@hfhotels.com ; Telefone/Phone: +351 213 716 661 (Ext: 308296)