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Masters Applications 

 Applications for Masters Degrees can only be submitted online via the ISEG site
The application fee is 50 Euros per degree.


Academic Calendar 2024/2025 (available soon)


Applications Calendar 2024-2025





Registration/ Payment of  basic tuition fees

1 st Phase 

4 December to 31 January
up until 13 February
10 consecutive days after approval of the application

2 nd Phase

1 February to 1 April
up until 12 April

3 rd Phase

2 April to 15 May
 up until 28 May

 * Applications that have been neither accepted or rejected can be carried over to the next phase, depending on the number of available places stipulated by the respective Coordinator for each phase, and whether the required conditions have been met. 


International Applications:

Applications by international student (outside Europe) are not recommended during the 3 rd Phase, on account of the time it takes to issue visas.
Should you be granted your visa after the start of the Academic Year, the 1 st  year tuition fees must be paid in full. If you cancel the registration it will be applied the article 10, of the Master Fees Regulation.
 All original international diplomas must be handed in with the bachelor degree average final grade to this Office once you arrive and until the deadline of 15/10/2024. 
In cases where the visa is granted after the start of classes, the 1st year tuition fee must be paid in full. If you cancel the enrollment, article 10 of the Master's tuition fee regulation will be applied.


Documentation to be presented on application:

  • → Photograph;

  • → Identity document (Citizens Card/Passport);

  • → Undergraduate degree conclusion certificate with final average grade and transcript with full list course list and grades;

  •       or

→ If you have not completed the degree during the application period, you must submit the official Transcript of records with all curricular units completed, and if possible with the final average, so far;

      If you are a undergraduate student at ISEG, you can download the document on the Fenix portal, through the following steps:

      Login Fenix >> “MyFenix” portal >> Services >> Requisitions – Create – “Requisition Type” – “Curriculum Student Fenix

  • → Motivation letter (Applicants must write a letter of interest (maximum one page) explaining why they wish to apply to the ISEG- Lisbon School of Economics and Management degree, what their particular interests are in the field, and what their hopes and expectations are regarding their studies. The letter should explain the applicant's personal strengths, areas of interest, and motivation for advanced studies.);

     *  A non-obligatory document, based on the understanding that it is the candidate's responsibility to have a minimum knowledge of the language that is used to teach the degree that they have been admitted to study. (minimum level B2), except for the Masters in Development and International Cooperation.
           Selection criteria in the Master's Degree in Development and International Cooperation:
 → International students, whose first language is not Portuguese must compulsorily submit an Advanced Diploma of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (DAPLE) awarded by the Assessment and Certification Centre for Portuguese as a Foreign Language (CAPLE), with a minimum classification of GOOD (70-84%).
  → Portuguese and international students must provide a certificate of  English language proficiency, corresponding to:
a) Minimum score of 185 in the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE);
b) Minimum score of 185 in the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE);
c) Minimum score of 7.0 in the IELTS Academic Test;
d) Minimum score of 94 in the TOEFL iBT


  • Importante notes:

·         Final Year Undergraduate degree students must complete their degree without fail by the end of September (of the Academic Year of application). If accepted to study for a Masters, then you have until 15th of October to send the graduation certificate with your average final grade, otherwise,  your registration will be cancelled. 


·         The confirmation of enrolment will be subject to the presentation of Official Certificates and Documentation, within the first month of classes.

Validation of your application:

The following has to be undertaken in order for your application to be validated and to then be sent for analysis by the Masters Coordination team:
  • Pay the application fee (50 Euros for each Masters)

  • Correctly submit all the aforementioned documentation.

  • NOTE: Payment of the application fee and upload of documents must be made until the last day of the application phase. After this day, the application will not be validated.
For further information, on the   ISEG site you can also consult the relevant brochures and important deadlines and timetables, as well as objectives, Masters rules and regulations and tuition fees, the University calendar and other important information.


Selection Criteria for Applicants:

In accordance with no. 3 of Article No. 1 of our Rules and Regulations regarding the selection of applicants: "It is the Scientific and Pedagogical Committee of each Masters degree (as defined in Article 9) which approves the admission of candidates for the established vacancies, taking into account their curriculum, namely with regards to a) the required access qualifications, and their grades, as well as any interviews or special exams. b) all proposals for admission of candidates for each Masters is subject to the approval of the Chairman of the Scientific Board."



1. For all the students, the 1st instalment (700.00€ from EU and 1400€* outside Europe) are paid  on registration (deducted in the 1st year tution fee).
2. The act of registration obliges the payment of the basic tuition fees by the stipulated deadline.
3. Cancellation of registration does not cancel the obligation to make the above-mentioned payment,  unless the cancellation is communicated before the payment deadline.