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ULisboa Scientific Journeys | Deadline for submission of posters - 16th June

Universidade de Lisboa is promoting the Scientific Conferences 2023 , on the theme of "Open Science and Innovation: a collaborative, transparent and accessible approachwhich will take place on June 27th, in the Rectorate of Universidade de Lisboa

Open Science represents an approach to science that is collaborative, transparent and accessible, facilitating the sharing and communication of processes and results. Open Science encompasses a wide range of activities, including open access publishing, open data, and open peer review. Furthermore, it also includes open innovation and citizen science, or more broadly, the involvement of stakeholders, where companies and other partners, including citizens, participate directly in the research.

The programme of the second edition of the Universidade de Lisboa Scientific Journeys includes guest speakers and sessions dedicated to the topics of "Open Access, Data and Infrastructures", "Open Innovation and Interdisciplinarity" and "Citizen Science"., with the objective to raise awareness and promote open science practices among the community of faculty and researchers, science managers, students, and the public in general.

Free Admission,subject to registration.

To close Universidade de Lisboa's Scientific Conference 2023, there will be an Awards Ceremony for the best 3 Minutes of ULisboa Thesis.

Poster Submission

The deadline for the submission of posters for the second edition of the Universidade de Lisboa Scientific Journeys is the 16th June. 

To submit posters, participants must:

Note: posters will be exclusively presented in digital form during this event. The preparation and submission of a poster is not obligatory, and does not condition participation in the event. Any questions regarding posters can be clarified by email.

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