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Electoral Calendar

January 23rd*election day designation
January 25thDeadline for making voter lists available
January 30Deadline for submitting complaints to the electoral roll
February 1stDeadline for deciding on complaints relating to the electoral roll
February 28thDeadline for submitting Lists
march 02Expiration of the period for assessing the validity, formal and substantial, of the lists, for communicating detected irregularities and for randomly assigning a designation to those that do not present irregularities
March 06Deadline for correcting irregularities
March 07Deadline for deciding on responses relating to irregularities in the Lists and for randomly assigning a designation to those that no longer present irregularities
March 9thBeginning of the election campaign
March 21stEnd of election campaign
march 22From 9 am to 7 pm, election act
march 23Deadline for releasing provisional election results
March 28thDeadline for claiming provisional election results
March 31**Deadline for deciding on complaints about provisional election results

* – It is from the day immediately after this that the deadlines for the practice of the acts that will take place until the elections are counted; February 21st is Carnival Tuesday.

** – The disclosure of the decisions taken by the members of the Electoral Commission regarding complaints about the provisional results of the elections does not necessarily mean that such results are the definitive ones, since they may be contested at the appropriate venue.