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Master's degree inMétodos Quantitativos para a Decisão Económica e Empresarial

We are in the era of studying, processing and interpreting data. How to get them? How to process them? How to apply them?

You will be able to find the answers in ISEG's Master in Quantitative Methods for Economic and Business Decision (MQDEE). It is a master's degree that trains students to analyze data and to make better decisions for the future of companies.

The master's degree in MQDEE follows a highly specialized program and has a teaching staff of recognized technical and academic competence. The master's main objective is to deepen knowledge in the areas of operational research and statistical analysis to support economic and business decision-making (Management Science).

18th place in Eduniversal's Top 110 Best Masters Global Ranking 2024, in the Data Analytics category
4 semesters
1st year daytime
After work in the 2nd Year
Initial Vacancies
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8 reasons to choose MQDEE


It trains highly technically competent staff in the scientific areas of operational research, statistics and econometrics, well prepared to take decisions throughout their professional lives.


Allows you to gain skills in the performance of assessment and advisory tasks in matters of economic, technical and social relevance.


Provides the necessary knowledge for the treatment, study and interpretation of data with training in the use of various software (Excel OpenSolver, EViews, R, Simul8, SPSS, SQL, VBA and VRPSolver).


Group work develops teamwork skills, essential for students' professional future.


Of a professional nature, it benefits from partnerships with various institutions, allowing the completion of the final work within the scope of a project or an internship that can mark the beginning of professional life.


It has an experienced teaching staff with recognized competence in the various areas of the master's degree.


Students benefit from personalized support, resulting in a high completion rate.


In short, it is a unique and differentiating course that has proven to be an important foundation in the professional future of our graduates.

The data is released.

It's your turn to play.

My expectations in the master's degree were exceeded by the innovation of the programs addressed and the applicability of the projects. I highlight the pedagogical competence of the teaching staff, who receive students and accompany them, not only throughout their academic and professional training, but also personally.
Margarida Marques


It is the ideal place for those who want to make history and always be in the front group. For more than a century, ISEG has formed generations of successful leaders and professionals.
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Program Details

The master's degree in MQDEE has as its main objective the deepening of knowledge in the areas of Operational Research and Statistical Analysis for Decision (management science). In particular, it aims to train professionals:

– with the necessary knowledge for the treatment, study and interpretation of data of the most diverse nature;

– with training in the use of specific software in the referred areas;

– with the ability to formulate and solve real problems;

– with the ability to carry out, with high technical competence, assessment, advisory and decision support tasks in matters of economic, technical and social relevance.

This master's degree also provides a basis for pursuing a 3rd cycle of studies leading to a doctorate.

Recent graduates in the areas of management, economics, mathematics, engineering or those who, having a degree in these areas and being active in life, wish to develop knowledge to technically base decisions of an economic nature in companies and institutions.

Professional Opportunities

Logistics and planning departments in public or private institutions:

– banks and insurance companies;
– consulting and auditing companies;
– logistics and communications companies;
– industrial companies, such as food, oil or energy companies;
– trade and retail companies;
– institutions in the health or education sector.


Year 1 - Semester 1Credits
Applied Econometrics *6
Data Management *6
Decision Support Systems *6
Statistics Topics7,5
Optional(s) *6
Year 1 - Semester 2Credits
Data analysis7,5
Logistics and Networks7,5
Forecast Methods7,5

Year 2 - Semester 1Credits
Fundamentals of Data Science6
Simulation and Optimization6
Master's Final Work12
Year 2 - Semester 2Credits
Master's Final Work 30

* The Master's Scientific and Pedagogical Commission chooses two of these CUs for each student, depending on their curriculum. The Optional UC(s) can be chosen among the CUs of other masters.

See the description of each Curricular Unit here.

4 semesters
1st year daytime
After work in the 2nd Year
Initial Vacancies
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Admissions and Fees

Applications for all master's degrees at ISEG are made online.

Access Requirements

Candidates for Métodos Quantitativos para a Decisão Económica e Empresarial  must: 

  • Present a degree in national or foreign institutions in the areas of Management, Economics, Finance, Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management or other areas relevant to the study cycle. Applicants with other degrees are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • In accordance with Article 17 d) of Decree-Law No. 74/2006 of March 24, as amended and republished by Decree-Law No. 65/2018 of August 16, other applications deemed appropriate by the selection panel will be evaluated on the basis of curricular analysis.
  • Students who have not completed the cycle of studies leading to a bachelor's degree may apply conditionally, provided they meet the conditions for obtaining the degree by the end of September (of the academic year of application).

Screening and Selection Criteria

The ranking is based on the application grade, which will be calculated using the process described below. It only applies to students who meet the prerequisites.

  • Final average of 1st cycle or equivalent - Scale 0 to 20 - Weighting 40%
  • 1st cycle course area - Scale 0 to 20 - Weighting 10%
  • Quantitative Methods UC Classification - Scale 0 to 20 - Weighting 20%
  • Work experience / Primary school - Scale 0 to 20 - Weighting 25%
  • Motivation letter - Scale 0 to 20 - Weighting 5%

Documentation to be submitted upon application:

  • Certificate of completion with final grade average
  • Official certificate of achievement with the course units taken
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation Letter

tuition fees

Provisional tuition fees for 2024/25, pending confirmation by the University of Lisbon's statutory bodies.

students from 1st year2nd yearTotal
Students within the EU€ 2,950€ 2,000 € 4,950
Students outside the EU (International)  € 3,900€ 2,500 € 6,400

We believe that financial restrictions should not impede access to higher education and that is why we seek to provide equal opportunities for all.

At the student's request, a specific payment of the fee can be agreed.

Student visa 

If you are not an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, then you will need a Student Visa.

Once you have decided to join the master's program and paid the 1st tuition fee instalment to secure your place, you can issue the acceptance letter on the FENIX Portal. This document will be needed later to apply for a Student Visa.

The Student Visa must be requested at the nearest Embassy or at a Portuguese consular office in the country of origin.

4 semesters
1st year daytime
After work in the 2nd Year
Initial Vacancies
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