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ISEG Mini-Forest | Spring Planting

22 May from 15:00 to 18:00
ISEG Mini-Forest

On Wednesday, the 22nd May, from 15.00 to the 18.00, we will congregate in the Mini-Forest to plant trees!

Lavender, gum cistus, broom palms, and strawberry plants need to be planted urgently. 

To end, there will be a picnic to recuperate and socialize, with lemonade and other surprises. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the creation of ISEG's Mini-Forest.

To take part, simply register HERE.

Can we count on you?

The mini-forest and its creation process are part of the TERRARE - Action research for social and ecological regeneration, which was developed by the researcher Oriana Rainho Brás* in SOCIUS/CSG, with the support of ISEG Sustainability, and with the collaboration of biologist António Alexandre from 2Adapt-Serviços de Adaptação Climática and FCUL. The partners in this project include ValorSul - Recovery and Treatment of Solid Waste in the Lisbon Region; West SA, which provides organic compost to enrich the mini-forest's soil; and the Estrela Parish Council , which assists in involving the local population.

The objective of the TERRARE project is to reflect on the eco-social processes involved in creating an urban mini-forest, with the participation of the university community.

The ISEG's mini-forest follows the Miyawaki method, which is characterised by the dense planting of endemic species from all the strata of a forest, which results in rapid growth in spaces as small as 300m2. The mini-forest model (tiny forest) brings multiple benefits, namely: diversification of local fauna and flora, carbon absorption, water fixation, thermal regulation, and soil regeneration, as well as well-being and an enormous potential for learning in touch with nature.

*Oriana Rainho Brás is an assistant researcher at SOCIUS/CSG, ISEG, with funding from national funds through FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., within the scope of Project UIDB/04521/2020.