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Launching and Presentation of Books

Launch of the book 'Viagem pelo Admirável Mundo das Ciências Empresariais', by Almiro de Oliveira

21 Feb from 18:00 to 19:30
ISEG, Auditorium 4 (Novo Quelhas)

ISEG will host a launch session for the book Journey through the Brave World of Business Science, by Almiro de Oliveira(Journey through the Admirable World of Business Sciences), on the 21st February, at 18.00, in Auditorium 4 (Novo Quelhas).

The session will be attended by the author, Professor Almiro de Oliveira, by the Dean of ISEG, Professor João Duque, Professor Mario Romão, as well as by the author of the foreword, Dr. Carlos Costa.

Free admission.


Having published in 2021 the book Information & Information Systems - Promises, Realities & Policies and, in 2022, the book Information & Management - Two Sides of the Same Coin, the author now completes the series with his Journey through the Brave World of Business Science - from Fernando Pessoa to the Digital Revolution. This is a kind of triptych, in which the author tries to characterise relevant aspects of the business world, including profit and non-profit organisations.

Accordingly, the book seeks to justify "Fernando Pessoa as a Theorist and Practitioner of Business Sciences" - by analysing and commenting on 13 texts premonitorily published by the author of The Message in 1926 on various issues which today we would irrefutably classify as being within the scope of Higher Education and the practice of Management.
Descartes' contributions to the study of corporate morphology and phenomenology are then visited, and a "computer analysis of Fernando Pessoa" is even proposed - which looks at the different heteronyms as a software which "runs" inside the same computer. hardware (Fernando Pessoa).

We then go on to look at relevant aspects of "Systemic Analysis of Organizations", "Accounting and Information Technology Management", "Computer Auditing", and also the limits and constraints of "Statutory Auditing" (in a computer environment), as well as the role of "Information Systems in a context of Management and Organizational turbulence", the much-desired "Modernization" of the State and Organisations, the ill-defined "Economy 4.0", the much-vilified "Strategy", and finally the indispensable "Organisational Governance".

The promised journey ends with a text describing the "Digital Revolution" and its impact on national security and defence.