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We are searching for young talents that are capable of bringing imagination to economics and innovation to management. If that’s your case, join us. ISEG is a great launch pad for your academic career and professional future. Our undergraduate degrees will give you the space to evolve and the help you need to develop your knowledge and interdisciplinary skills. At the same time, we will provide you with the entrepreneurial ability to propel you to a world of opportunities in business.
Choosing MAEG as my first option was the best decision of my life.
Despite being a course linked to Economics and Management, Mathematics offers a much more logical reasoning ability and an incredible demand, which is in great demand today in the job market.
Margarida Pereira
Degree in MAEG
Every day I'm challenged to work with, not only national students, but also with Erasmus students coming from all over the world.
ISEG will be able to provide me the main assets, becoming the launching platform to develop my career alongside international companies.
Sofia Fromm Abrantes
Degree in Management
The Bachelors degree in Finance is the only one in the country that is taught in English, which opens doors for the international labor market.
This redesigned undergraduate program also offers a unique opportunity of taking a dual degree in one of the most prestigious universities of Europe, Kozminski University in Poland.
Sofia Vieira
Degree in Finance
The ISEG management course provides the necessary tools that complement the theoretical part taught
Such as a wide range of associations ranging from volunteering to consultancy, allowing not only to improve soµ-skills, but also real contact with an increasingly competitive job market.
Miguel O'Neill
Degree in management
I chose ISEG with the expectation that it would be a demanding university with the competence to give me excellent skills in several areas.
Today, already in the second year of Economics, I verify that my expectations were really correct, because the environment I found proposed and continues to propose unforgettable moments of pure learning.
Edulay Lázaro
Degree in Economics
Accreditation & Partnerships