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1st Annual Meeting of Political Economics as a Substantive Reality

25 Jan / 27 Jan from 10:00 to 00:00

st Annual Meeting of Political Economics
will take place between the
25 and 27 of January, in Lisbon, at ISCTE-IUL.

This meeting brings together Sociologists, Anthropologists, Economists, Political Scientists, and Other Social Scientists who will debate and evaluate economic phenomena in a pluralistic manner.

The meeting is organised by the Portuguese Association of Political Economics (APEP), which pertains to study economics from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective through looking at the various social, political, legal, cultural, technological, and ecological factors that influence its organisation and operation.

During the meeting, talks will be given on (re) distribution, inequality, the Social State, economic growth, financing, regional development, technological transformation, and new currencies.

The invited speakers include João Ferreira do Amaral (ISEG and Chairman of the Meeting), Eve Chiapelo (EHESS, Paris), Ben Fine (SOAS, London), Helena Lopes (ISCTE-IUL) and José Luís Garcia (ICS/UL).

APEP was created in January 2017 by social scientists from various academic areas and is a non-profit, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary association which aims to promote teaching, research, and the dissemination and public debate on Political Economy in Portugal.

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