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1ST CSG Research Forum

15 Mar from 09:00 to 18:00



CSG – Research in Management and Social Sciences is going to hold its 1   ST CSG RESEARCH FORUM.  

This Forum aims to promote scientific and inter-disciplinary development among the scientific areas covered by CSG – Economic and Organizational Sociology, Management, Finance, Economics, Development Studies, Economic and Social History.  

Inter-disciplinary development is understood to be the intersection and interaction between different disciplines, which has been cited as enabling the possibility of a more appropriate understanding of current complexities and of the creation of more comprehensive, innovative and balanced ideas.

This initiative aims to involve all the members of CSG (professors, PhD students, other colleagues), with the objective of sharing knowledge and of reflecting about the strategic direction of their research within the respective Research Group, or Line of Research.

Further information

What needs to be submitted

  • Short presentations aimed to share research work already carried out, or that in progress, as well as future lines of research;
  • A proposal for subject-based collaboration, including establishing working groups (inter-Groups, or intra-Groups/Research Groups), with the aim of presenting projects to FCT and other sources of funding;
  • The presentation of research work by ISEG PhD students, leading to a discussion of their research projects or the preliminary results of their theses;
  • The presentation of research networks (external) to which the researchers/centres belong to, in order that more resources may be made known for potential projects in the future.
  • The presentation of posters of the teams of the various units of the consortium.

Important dates

  • The deadline for submitting proposals is the 26th of February, 2016.
  • Proposals should be sent to the following E-mail:, mentioning as the Subject: 1st CSG Research Forum.
  • Publishing of the Programme: 9th of March, 2016.
  • Date of the event: 16th of March, 2016.