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1st International Film Festival on Economics and Management

28 Sep / 30 Sep from 08:30 to 23:59

The Festival

Will take place during 3 days in September (the 28
th, 29
th and 30
th) featuring short films and documentaries on the theme of Economics and Management, in partnership with the 
Cineuphoria blog for its organisation and promotion. The application period closes on the 31
st of August.



Selection Panel 

5 members: 

1 ISEG Professor

1 Actor (Pedro Barroso)

1 Producer

1 Audiovisual Technician (Tony Costa, Director of Photography)

1 Blogger from Cineuphoria (Paulo Peralta)


What is the target market of the Festival?

The festival is aimed to cover all the short films/documentaries that were produced from 2013 to 2015 in either Portuguese or a foreign language.


Why have a Cinema Festival?

The objective is to encourage and increase cultural production and to diversify the cultural offer of ISEG, and also to increase awareness about its facilities to the general public.