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1st Luso-Brazilian School of Social Network Analysis | Enrolment now open

03 Jul / 15 Jul from 10:00 to 00:00

The 1 st Luso-Brazilian School of Social Network Analysis will take place from the 3 rd to the 8 th of July, at ISEG, and from the 10 th to the 15 th of July in Brazil (Brasília). 

This is an intensive course, with independent modules, which is devoted to the theoretical aspects and applications of Social Network Analysis. 

Modules taught during the Portuguese Edition: 
– An Introduction to SNA
– p* Statistical Models for Social Network Analysis
– SNA applied to Social Media
– Personal Networks Analysis (ego-networks)
– Community Intervention 

Access the detailed programme  HERE  of thePortuguese Edition, as well as the enrolment form at: 

For further information about the Portuguese Edition, please contact: 

Enrolment will enter into effect on receipt of proof-of-payment by E-mail:

Modules taught during the Brazilian Edition: 
– An introduction to Social Network Analysis
– Network Visualization
– Probabilistic Models for Network Data*
– Analysis of Networks using the R  Programming Language

The detailed programme of the Brazilian edition and the enrolment form will be available soon. For further information about the Brazilian edition, please contact Ricardo Sampaio:  

The School provides individual tutorials to support the preparation or adaptation of projects using Social Network Analysis. 

Target Audience 
This course is aimed for 2 nd and 3 rd Cycle students, researchers, university professors, and managers of companies and from public administration. 

Poster (pdf)