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2nd Annual Meeting on Social Responsibility and Higher Education

15 Feb from 10:00 to 17:00
Teatro Thalia, em Lisboa

The 2 nd Annual Meeting on Social Responsibility and Higher Education, an initiative of the Secretary for State for Science, Technology and Higher Education and the Student Forum will take place on the 15 th February, 2018, between 10.00 and 17.00, in the Thalia Theatre, Lisbon.

The objective of this event is to present and discuss the Green Paper on Social Responsibility and Higher Education, which was written in 2017, by members of the Social Responsibility Observatory of and Higher Education Institutions (ORSIES).

The Objectives of ORSIES:
– Reinforce the awareness and civic action of the educational community of Higher Education Institutions;
– Develop common, shared actions, with a strong social impact for Social Responsibility in Higher Education Institutions;
– Share methodologies, tools and best practices;
– Develop research initiatives on Social Responsibility that add value through knowledge;
– Mobilise other community stakeholders at the national and local levels to cooperate with Higher Education Institutions in the area of Social Responsibility.


Until 10th of February 2018

Further Information
Phone number: (+351) 21 885 47 30