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4 Start Forum

26 Apr 14:30
Anf. 21 (Ed. Francesinhas 1)

Leap is going to organize the "
4 Start Forum" on the 26th of April, when the day-to-day life of an employee of a Startup will be discussed during a debate that will count on the presence pf representatives from Chic by Choice, Abylos and Sonder People. 

The following topics will be discussed:

– the advantages in working for a Startup

– the "skills" that need to be developed by young people who wish to work in the world of entrepreneurship

– the future of the wave of entrepreneurship that is sweeping Lisbon

At the end of the event, Leap will present 11 vacancies for summer internships in Startups for Bachelors and Masters students. 

The event will take place at 14.30, in Ampitheatre 21 of Francesinhas 1.

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