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5th Painting Workshop at ISEG

01 Oct 19:00
Cantina Velha, ISEG


Introduction to Painting 

Learning and exploration of basic techniques, using different materials and supports, starting with exercises which allow for a gradual progress.

Approach to composition, design and colour. Line recognition / brush strokes / texture



Initiate a process of learning and individual discovery through Art, as part of the proposed activities, starting with concrete situations that have already been previously defined. At a later stage, it is up to each participant to reflect and develop a set of solutions which are in line with their process of individual discovery

Monitor: Anabela Alves
Class Times: Mon. or Wed. from 18.00 to 20.00, or Thurs., from 19h to 21.00 (based on a minimum of 5 participants).
Price: 25 Euros/month (4 sessions, 1 x a week), material not included.
Location: ISEG, Old Canteen. Starts in October, 2015.
Enrolment at
Helena Magalhães: ou 
Anabela Alves: 91 606 77 80