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18 Sep from 10:00 to 10:01


The objective of this Mentoring programme is to provide the best possible preparation for the insertion in the job market of ISEG graduates, creating conditions for the building successful careers in the future.  

The Mentees are continuously monitored by their Mentor during this integration process, in order that they can prepare for the future by broadening their learning process, through acquiring and improving skills.


The Mentor will have the opportunity to "be a godfather" to someone with less experience by sharing their own, thus earning a sense of self-fulfilment.


Each edition of this programme will last for one full Academic Year.



The Mentors of this programme are ISEG Alumni with more than five years of professional experience.  
Being a mentor is:  
• A sharing relationship.

• To have more experience and to be able to share it.

• To have the ability to share thoughts and give other points of view.

• To make an important contribution to future generations and help bring about greater success in their professional lives.

• To try to understand the problems of young professionals and help them overcome "barriers" more easily.

• To have the perception that your experience can help Society.  


The Mentees of this programme are ISEG 1 st Cycle students, Masters and Postgraduate students and former students with less than five years of professional experience.

Being a Mentee is:  
• To be interested in acquiring different points of view and opinions, based on your Mentor's experience.

• To be able to share difficulties and objectives.

This Mentoring Programme also includes a set of Training and Development actions throughout 2017/18. These training sessions focus on soft skills and aim to develop skills in the areas of Communication, Initiative-taking, Adaptation to Change, and Networking, which are considered to be key to success in a professional career.  


Enrolment period: 20 th of September to 10 th of October, 2017.  

Background documentation 2017/2018 


Enrolment forms are available as from the 20 th of September

Enrolment as a Mentee 

Enrolment as a Mentor 

Enrolment as a Mentee 

Enrolment as a Mentor