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APPM Marketing Marathon | Stranger Marketing

09 Apr 10:00
Aud. CGD

"We live in strange times, where different worlds, sciences and disciplines intersect at the speed of thought and technology. Marketing is not immune to these strange times and we are fortunate enough to be able to live and work with such challenge and opportunities. However, as the poet put it, "First, we find it strange, then we get into it. 

Stranger Marketing is the theme of this year's Marathon Marketing, which aims to explore this phenomenon – this strangeness that is to work in Brands and Marketing these days, where Real Worlds intersect with with virtual worlds, disciplines, and professions and different personalities."

APPM presents this event, which draws together professionals and students of Marketing and Communication, where there will be debate around the topic of "Stranger Marketing". The creative concept and topic of "Stranger Marketing" originates from the most successful "Stranger Things" series, and from the current panorama of "strangeness" that is experienced in Marketing nowadays.

From the 9 to 11 of April, there will be three intense days with the presence of the best speakers, both national and International, in the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Auditorium at ISEG

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