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Book Launch and Presentation

Book Launch | The Brazilian Debt – A Great Business, by Rabah Benakouche

10 Oct 18:00
Auditório 2 (Ed. Quelhas)

The launch of the book entitled "The Brazilian Debt – A Great Business, by Rabah Benakouche will take place on the 10 th of October.

The event will start at 18.00, in Auditorium 2 (Quelhas, 2 nd Floor).

Free entrance, subject to pre-enrolment on the link: 


Brazil was not forced into debt. Neither external or internally. Neither in the past, nor in the present. It is in debt owing to its own initiative and without others being responsible. From 1947 until today, public decision-makers from amongst the Government's economists – in line with the "expectations" of the market (both the Brazilian and international ones) – informally formulated and implemented the indebtedness policies of the State (both external and internal) which are centred on attracting external capital. These policies have been deliberate and have focused on the State's ongoing, permanent, and growing indebtedness – which is a process known as indebtedness, which has simultaneously and synchronously been big business for both national and international actors, such as banks, pension funds, large businesses, and public and political decision makers, among others.

This indebtedness contemplates the interests and policies of one and another, gives rise to financial benefits, implements projects or laws or decisions, results in symbolic gains, values outplacement, or practices international political alignment which is advocated by international entities and/or hegemonic countries. Multiple gains and multi-forms (financial, political, geopolitical, symbolic, network and others) have turned this indebtedness into a Great Deal!

The book carries out an analysis based on Macroeconomics merged with concepts and methods arising from Science subjects (in particular those of: Bruno Latour and Michel Callon) and also on Michel Foucault's "Practical Philosophy".

About the Author: Rabah Benakouche

Docteur d´État in Economics from the University of Paris, PhD in Industrial Engineering from the École Centrale de Paris, Full Professor (retired) from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil).

Researcher at SOCIUS – Centro de Investigação em Sociologia Económica e das Organizações       

Author of books on International Macroeconomics:
– Acumulação Mundial e Dependência, Ed. Vozes, 1980
– O que é Capital Internacional, Ed. Brasiliense, 1982, available on Kindle at Amazon.
– Crise e Dívida Externa Brasileira, Ed. Diniz, 1985
– Dívidas dos Países Ricos, Ed. Xamã, 2012
– Bazar da dívida externa brasileira, Ed. Boitempo, 2013
– Moeda e Política, Ed. Appris, 2018 

Economic Management:
– Mimetismo Tecnológico, Ed. UFSC, 1984
– A questão da Informática no Brasil (org.), Ed. Brasiliense, 1985
– Informática social, Ed. Vozes, 1987 (em coautoria)
– Avaliação monetária do meio ambiente, Ed. Mc Graw Hill, 1994 (em coautoria)
– Qualidade cabocla, Ed. UnB, 1997 (em coautoria)