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Books of Our Time Cycle | “In the 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity”

15 Mar from 15:00 to 16:00
Auditório 2 (ed. Quelhas, ISEG)

Another session of the "Books of Our Time Cycle" will be held on the15 th of March, with a review of the book entitled "The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity", by Lynda Gratton & Andew Scott. The reviewer will be Professor Paulo Nicola (FMUL) and Professor Idalina Sardinha (ISEG).

Free entrance, subject to pre-enrolment. Enrol nowhere !

The Books of Our Time Cycle is organised every year by CSG-Social Sciences and Management Research Consortium of ISEG, with the objective of studying important books on the scientific fields of the School, namely, Management, Economics, and Society. At each session a professor from ISEG will comment on the new ideas suggested by the book in question, followed by a debate.

All sessions will take place between 15.00 and 16.00, in Auditorium 2 at ISEG (Quelhas, 2 nd Floor). 

Consult the overall programme of the Cyclehere 

Links for enrolment: 
>> 4 th Session: 15 March, 2018  
>> 5 th Session 19 April, 2018  
>> 6 th Session: 10 May, 2018

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