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Budget Watch: OE 2019  Budget Rigour and Transparency

30 Nov 14:30
Aud. CGD


In partnership with the Institute of Public Policy and Deloitte Portugal, ISEG is organising a conference entitled ” Budget Watch: OE 2019 – Budget Rigour and Transparency", on the 30 th of November, which starts at 14.30, in the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Auditorium (ISEG, Quelhas, 2 nd Floor).

This initiative is the culmination of the Budget Watch project, which this year celebrates its 10th edition, which assesses the National Budget from the perspective of transparency, rigour, political responsibility and public finances sustainability. The analysis is purely technical, independent, and objective and is carried out from the perspective of good international reporting practice and the budgetary procedure.  

The purpose of this event is to present the results of this analysis, which concludes that "Any improvements in the transparency and quality of the information provided in the documents of the Budget are, at the best, small." Some of the improvements are cancelled out by the continuous absence or removal of metrics and descriptive information".

On this occasion, the IPP/ISEG Budget Index (a synthetic index that evaluates the rigour and transparency of successive OEs on a scale from 0 to 100) will also be published exclusively based on a survey of the Scientific Advisory Board of Budget Watch, a panel of Portuguese economists.

This project is carried out in partnership with Deloitte, whose Business Committee analyses the OE, which is composed of business leaders in Portugal. This represents the point of view of some sectoral, mainly fiscal policies, analysing their more or less business-friendly characteristics, which is published in the Deloitte Pro-Business Budget Index.

The conference will start with a presentation of the results of the Budget Watch: OE 2019 by Joana Andrade Vicente (Institute of Public Policy), followed by a debate with Jorge Marrão (Deloitte, the Executive Committee of Budget Watch), Joaquim Miranda Sarmento (spokesperson of the PSD, ISEG – U. Lisboa), Mariana Mortágua (Assembleia da República, BE – to be confirmed) and João Ferreira do Amaral (ISEG – U. Lisboa).

The closing address of the conference will be made by the Secretary of State for the Budget, João Leão.

Free entrance, subject to   prior enrolment.

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