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CEMAPRE Seminar | Precarious work and RSI: Theory and some Results

22 Apr 11:30



A seminar entitled " Precarious work and RSI: Theory and some Results" will take place on the 22 nd of April at 11.00 in the Delta Lecture Room (Quelhas building ISEG).

The keynote speaker of this seminar, which is organised by CEMAPRE – Centro de Matemática Aplicada à Previsão e Decisão Económica, is Fernando Diogo, from Universidade dos Açores.

The session will begin with a discussion of the concept of work precariousness, defining the difficulties of its conceptual scope. Next, the concept will be applied to a specific population – those benefitting from the Social Insertion Income (RCI), based on empirical studies. The focus on this group is especially interesting, as it is amongst this population that there is a high incidence of job insecurity (including in the most extreme forms), whereas in most studies the focus has been on the youth of the middle classes, especially graduates.