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Solemn or Commemorative Sessions

Charity dinner to commemorate 50 years of the Class of 1966

20 Oct 15:30

As part of the
celebration of the
50 years of the Class of 1966, a charity dinner will be held on the
20th of October, in the Salão Nobre of ISEG.

Bearing in mind the symbolism of this date, it has been decided to
open this dinner to all ISEG Alumni and turn thins dinner into a charity dinner, with a maximum limit of 150 people.

surplus from this dinner will revert to
The Alumni Económicas Solidarity Programme – a charity which financially supports 1
st Years students at ISEG in need with the costs of meals, transport, educational material, and tuition fees.

The cost of this dinner will be in the form of a donation, with a minimum value of € 25.00 (per person).


15.30 – ISEG meeting – (in the garden) 

16.00 – Visit of the Campus

17.00 – Lecture by Professor 
João Salgueiro 

The Portuguese Economy: "What will happen during the next 50 years?" 

18.30 – Jazz Session –
Lisbon Swingers

19.30 – Ceremony to inaugurate a commemorative plaque for the Class of 50 years in the Board Room;  

20.00 – 
Charity dinner to commemorate the Class of 50 years, Salão Nobre; 

              – Musical Interlude. 

The sponsors include Banco Finantia, Banco BIG and a third sponsor, yet to be defined. 

Enrolment should be made up until the 26th of September 



Further information

Alumni Económicas

21 392 58 60