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Clarification Sessions

Choice of Electives for 2021/2022 | Clarification Session

12 Jul from 14:00 to 18:00

To help you choose your Elective Course Units for your 3rd Year, we invite you to come along to a Clarification Session to Present the Elective Course Units.

The idea is for them to understand better the objectives and syllabus of each CU, as well as its benefits for the job market. The Session will be held online, via Teams, on next Monday, the 12th of July, from 14.00 – 15.30 (for the CUs in the areas of Accounting and Finance), and from 16.00 – 17.45 (for the CUs in the areas of Strategy and Marketing).

Target market: 2nd Year students of the Bachelors in Management (taught in Portuguese), Finance, and Management (who will be 3rd Year students in 2021/2022).

Link to participate:

TimeCOURSE UNITScientific Area
14.00Management Planning and ControlCAF
14.15Internal Auditing and Risk ManagementCAF
14.30Financial Analysis and ReportingCAF
14.45Financial Markets and InvestmentsFIN
15.00Entrepreneurial FinanceFIN
15.15Securities Markets OperationsFIN
16.10Day-to-day ManagementGEM
16.20Digital Marketing and Social MediaGEM
16.30Competition and CompetitivenessGEM
16.40International Business ManagementGEM
16.50International MarketingGEM
17.00Distribution ManagementGEM       
17.10Innovation ManagementGEM
17.20Quality ManagementGEM
17.30Strategic Scenarios and ForesightGEM