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Colégio F3 | 2nd Session of the Seminar Cycle on Urban Food Planning: Urban expansion and regression of agricultural areas: The case of the Lisbon Metropolitan

08 Feb 18:00
Auditório do CIUL

The progressive and systematic reduction of the area of agricultural land and waste land in metropolitan areas significantly compromises the food supply from areas close to large urban areas and their food sustainability. Given that more than 60% of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) is not urbanised, there is a need to establish a land-use model which, following a logic of efficient land planning, enables the integration of the urban food system, thus contributing to reducing the probability of the occurrence of situations of environmental risk and a rational strategy for economic and social development.

Centred round six topics, this Cycle brings together specialists from Universidade de Lisboa and other sectors of society who have complementary skills in areas of knowledge and their implementation. Urban Food Planning based on the limitations of land, production, consumption, culture, and the environment is approached with a holistic vision to generate a multidimensional debate that examines expectations and actions.   

Free entrance, subject to obligatory enrolment. Limited seating availability.
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