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Cultural Events

Concert | Camerata Ivoti

08 Jan 18:00
Aud. CGD (Quelhas)



On the 8 th of January, at 18.00 pm, a concert will be held in the CGD Auditorium of Brazilian and South American music, as part of the Camerata Ivoti European Tour, 2016. 

Free entrance.





The Camerata Ivoti musical group was created in 1994, being one of the four orchestras of the Instituto de Educação Ivoti musical education programme, in partnership with the Associação Pró-Cultura e Arte Ivoti (ASCARTE). Dedication and the love of music binds together this group, which is focussed on achieving the key technical and artistic objectives of developing a critical sense of music in relation to the cultural reality of the region and the country as a whole.

The Camerata Ivoti, which regularly performs in Vale do Sinos and Grande Porto Alegre, has already organised tours of the Junior Choir to South and South-eastern regions of Brazil. Its fifth tour of Europe occurred in February of 2014. In a tour lasting 33 days, the group held 25 concerts and shows in Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Germany. In September of the same year, it participated in the "50 Years Ivoti Concert" at the Feevale Thetre in Novo Hamburgo, the largest theatre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In September of 2015 it carried out a tour of the states of Corrientes and Resistencia in Argentina.  

Since it was created, the group has been directed by Professor Irving Feldens. For this specific programme, professors Fredy Gerling and Hella Johanna Frank (UFRGS) will also be involved, who also worked sporadically with the group during 2015.