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CONFERENCE | Creative Leaders Conference

27 Jun from 10:00 to 10:01

The Creative Leaders Conference brings specialists in Innovation and Organization to Lisbon

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Ralph Kerle, one of the world-authorities on Strategic Innovation, listed amongst the "100 Global Creative Leaders" of IBM, will be in Lisbon on the 27th of June at the "Creative Leaders Conference".


Organized by Butterfly, a company which specializes in promoting innovation and creativity, the conference is aimed at top management and directors of innovation, and concentrates on the knowledge of tools for generating and managing ideas, the involvement of teams in innovation projects and the subsequent measurement of results. 

The other Keynote Speaker will be Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, the Municipal Director of the Economy and Innovation at the Lisbon Town Hall. 

During the day before, on the 26th, Ralph Kerle will lead a workshop for senior managers. During this session, the delegates will learn how to develop personal skills in creative leadership, and how to identify the creative flow which brings about growth and added value and also how to identify the behavioural traits of innovative leaders 


About …


Ralph Kerne
, is a specialist in Global Strategy for Innovation, who was elected by IBM to the ranks of the 100 Global Creative Leaders of the world. He is responsible for the development of the Management Innovation Index, which tracks and measures organizational innovation. 


» Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, is the Municipal Director of The Economy and Innovation at the Lisbon Town Hall, and a university professor. Paulo Carvalho is responsible for the areas of strategy for economic development, investment, entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic clusters. He is also the scientific coordinator for the postgraduation in "Prospects, Strategy and Innovation" at ISEG. 


Butterfly specializes in promoting innovation and creativity in individuals and within companies, through carrying out profiling tests (Neethling Brain Instruments NBI 
®). It is the only company in Portugal that uses the "whole brain thinking" method in areas such as
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Team Building, Organizational Consulting and Human Resource Management.