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Conference | Currency in the 21st Century: Representations and Epiphenomena

07 Nov from 18:00 to 20:30
Auditório 2 (ed. Quelhas, ISEG)


"Come and get to know the secrets of Currency. Everything is about Currency",  Jorge J. Landeiro de Vaz

A conference entitled " Currency in the 21 st Century: Representations and Epiphenomena" will be held on the 7 th of November, at 18.00, in Auditorium 2 (ISEG, Quelhas building, 2 nd floor).

The keynote speaker will be Professor Jorge Landeiro de Vaz, PhD (ISEG). 

Conference Programme 
– Currency in the 21st. Scriptural currency. The Euro (€).
– Documentary about Currency.Digital Currency. Sterling.
– Debate:
Moderator: Professor António Augusto de Ascenção Mendonça, PhD
Professor João Ferreira do Amaral, PhD
Professor Luís Manuel Landeiro de Vaz, PhD

Target Audience
Senior managers from the financial, business, and political world and also the media. 

Poster (pdf) 

Free entry, subject to pre-enrolment:

This conference is part of the course on "Currency and cryptocurrency", which is lectured by Professor Jorge Landeiro de Vaz, PhD and Professor Luís Manuel Landeiro de Vaz, PhD, which starts on the 6 th of February, 2017. Enrolment now open:  https://Moeda, Moeda Digital e Criptomoeda.

Further Informations:
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phone number: 213922716