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Conference | Europe and the new French President

11 May 19:30
Terraço (Novo Edifício Quelhas)

Another IPP Conference (Institute of Public Policy) will be held on the 11 th of May on " Europe and the new French President", at 19.30, on the Terrace of the Quelhas New Building

Today the dilemmas of the still incomplete Economic and Monetary Union have been relegated to second place in the face of more urgent difficulties facing the European Union: Brexit, migrations, border instability (Turkey, Ukraine), populism/nationalism. However, at the peak of the Euro Crisis, it was also at the "Merkozy" summits, first, and "Merkollande" afterwards, that much was decided about what would be the European response to the Crisis. This was not by chance, as France is the second largest and most important country in the European Union's power struggle. For any measure – the economy, population, the Armed Forces – only France comes close to the size of Germany. 

The growing power of the National Front, and its charismatic leader, Marine le Pen, has rightly frightened all those who recognise European integration as being crucial for peace and prosperity on the Continent. This is not a recent trend – for as early as 2002, Jean-Marie le Pen fought for a second presidential run-off – however its integration as part of the global trend of the revival of nationalism and protectionism, in the times of Brexit and Trump, makes it particularly relevant. It could even be said that a victory for Marine le Pen would be the end of the European Union. But even if she does not win, the marks of her success are undeniable, and as such it is justifiable to contemplate the role that France can play – and where it will necessarily be the leader – in the reconstruction of the hope of European citizens in a common future. This role will be largely determined by the ideas and views of the new President, be it a liberal such as Macron, or a conservative such as Fillon, or a Social Democrat such as Hamon. António Goucha Soares and Manuel Villaverde Cabral, under the moderation of Marina Costa Lobo, will bring their perspective to the IPP Conference, and will discuss with participants their expectations for the reform of the European Union following the presidential elections in France. 


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