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Conference | Le Mythe de la Singularité (The Myth of the Singularity)

10 Oct 17:30
Salão Nobre, ISEG

On the 10 th of October, ISEG is going to host Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, the author of the book "Le Mythe de la Singularité: Faut-il craindre l'intelligence Artificielle?"

"Singularity", or "Technological Singularity", is one of the new keywords of contemporary futurology. It is what will happen when artificial intelligence exceeds that of human beings. This trend, which will come to pass in the coming decades, is proclaimed with great pomp by the technologists of Silicon Valley, such as R. Kurzweil (a project manager at Google!). On the other hand, some scientists and entrepreneurs, such as Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates for example, are concerned about this evolution, where mankind is expected to entrust decision-making power to machines. In his book, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia now tries to demonstrate that:

  1. The very term "artificial intelligence" is misused by those who promote "Singularity," and that the capacity of computers, however impressive, cannot manipulate such fearsome powers;
  2. Far from being new, the perspective of "Singularity" recycles ancient, gnostic Millennium-old ideologies, which are now dressed up as being techno-futuristic, and are backed by the mercantilist strategies of Information Technology multinationals. 

The author, who is one of the world's leading specialists in the digital-mediated humanities, will speak about this critical essay, which has had considerable public impact.

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia is a professor at Pierre-et-Marie Curie University, where he carries out research on artificial intelligence. He is also the chairman of the CNRS ethics committee, and has published numerous books, such as: L'Âme machine, au Seuil (1990), Les Sciences cognitives, Le Pommier (2006), Voir et pouvoir: qui nous surveille ?, Le Pommier (2009), Idées reçues sur l'intelligence artificielle: vers une domination programmée?, Le Cavalier bleu (2017).

The conference will also count on the presence of Professor Mário Caldeira (Dean of ISEG), Professor Almiro de Oliveira (ISEG and UCP-Porto), M. Vincent Brignol (Scientific Cooperation ASttaché of th Fench Embassy), and Artur Lopes Cardoso (translator of the book "Le Mythe de la Singularité". 

The conference starts at 17.30, in the Salão Nobre (Quelhas, 4 th Floor).

Free entrance, subject to pre-enrolment. 

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