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Conference | Renewing the Competitive Model in Portugal

06 Jan from 15:00 to 18:00
Aud. CGD (Quelhas)



A conference will be held at ISEG on the 6 th of January at 15.00, entitled " Renewing the Competitive Model in Portugal". Speakers will include: Vitor da Conceição Gonçalves (ISEG), Jaime Andrés (COMPETE 2020), Miguel Cruz (IAPMEI), Jorge Jordão (The Services Confederation of Portugal), Carlos Costa (Banco de Portugal) and Mário Centeno (Finance Minister).

The aim of this conference is to systematise, analyse and search for answers to some of the major challenges that need to be overcome to ensure long-term sustainable competitiveness for the Portuguese economy and its companies.

We are counting on your presence!

Free entry, subject to enrolment.

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