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Conference | Unequal Portugal: Income Inequality and Poverty

23 Sep from 09:45 to 13:00
Auditorium CGD, Quelhas

On the 23
rd of September, ISEG will be hosting a conference on "
Unequal Portugal: Income Inequality and Poverty", from 09.45 to 13.00, in the CGD Auditorium (Quelhas building, 2
nd Floor).

The conference will be centred around the study carried out by Professor Carlos Farinha (ISEG) for the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, entitled "Unequal Portugal: Income Inequality and Poverty: the Social Consequences of the Adjustment Programme".

The conference will present a complete analysis of the social consequences of one of the most profound crises that Portugal has experienced over the last decades. An analysis will also be made of the measures adopted by the State authorities.

Furthermore, the evolution of family income will also be examined, together with the main inequality and poverty indicators for the period 2009 to 2014 in Portugal. Those sectors of the population most penalised by the crisis and by the policies adopted by the government during this period will also be identified.

The numbers will speak for themselves to counter the prevailing myths as to who has suffered most during this crisis. Lastly, a presentation and debate will take place on the major International trends regarding inequality and poverty.

The keynote speakers will be Michael Förster (Director of the Department of Social Policies at OCDE), Carlos Farinha Rodrigues (Professor at ISEG and author of the study on "Unequal Portugal: Income Inequality and Poverty: the Social Consequences of the Adjustment Programme "), and the moderator will be Raquel Albuquerque (a journalist from the Expresso newspaper).  

Free entry, subject to pre-enrolment. For further information, click on this