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DEBATE | Budget Strategies for 2014 – 2018

12 May 17:00
Quelhas 6 | Piso 2 | Auditório 2

Portugal will shortly finish its adjustment programme and the Troika will leave the country, but the level of public debt and unemployment will remain high. The Strategic Budget Plan (DEO) that was recently presented by the Government is a crucial element for decision making about public policies during the next years which will, without doubt, be decisive, but at the same time, difficult and challenging for the economy and for Portuguese society as a whole. Apart from cuts and tax increases, what other alternatives are there?


Hélder Reis, the Under-Secretary of State for the Treasury , will present an initial overview of the document, followed by a debate with the presence of the following:- Albert Jaeger, the representative of the International Monetary Fund (FMI), Óscar Gaspar, economic advisor to the Socialist party, Paulo Trigo Pereira, professor in public finance at ISEG and the cghairman of the IPP TJ-CS as well as João Ferreira do Amaral, a retired Emeritus Professor from ISEG who is also the Chairman of the General Assembly of IPP TJ-CS. This one-off debate will be moderated by Luís Ferreira Lopes, the economics editor of SIC TV. The conference will be closed by  Ricardo Cabral, the vice-chancellor of the University of Madeira and a director of IPP TJ-CS.


The strong and weak points of the adjustment programme together with the perspectives for balancing the budget whilst at the same time maintaining social equilibrium will undoubtedly be the two most relevant questions for this debate.