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Debate | The Left and Right during the XXI Century

02 Jul from 14:00 to 17:00
Aud. 3 (Quelhas)

A debate entitled ‘
The Left and Right during the XXI Century’ will take place on the 2 of July, at 14.30 in Auditorium 3 of the Quelhas building.

The objective of this event is to carry out a debate as part of FRES – The Forum for Economic and Social Reflection, on the subject of:  
Does it still make sense to talk of the Left and the Right in the XXI Century? The guest speaker will be the Ex-Europarliamentarian and co-founder of LIVRE, Rui Tavares. In summary, the debate will centre of the long-established difference between the Left and Right, from both the ideological and political point of view.

FRES thanks ISEG for hosting this event, and for organising all the logistics and organisation.

FGree entrance, limited spaces.

Note: Entry is via the two Francesinhas buildings