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Europa 2020: More participation, better governance

16 Dec from 09:30 to 17:30
Auditório 3, Edf. Quelhas

With the support of ISEG, FNGIS is organising the "Transnational Seminar: Europe 2020 – more participation, better governance", which integrates a range of activities and is a consequence of the previous workshops. The seminar will encourage debate and participation. This initiative aims to create opportunities for participation in function of the capacity and contribution of organisations and citizens to influence an all embracing strategy for Europe 2020. 

In 2010, the EU launched the Europe 2020 strategy to promote intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth, based on five objectives. At a time when the review of the Strategy is certain to happen, "Europe 2020 – more participation, better governance" aims to provide the public with more plural and effective forms than those that have already been developed. Led by EAPN Portugal, in close coordination with the Non-Governmental Forum for Social Inclusion (FNGIS) and its member organisations, this project arose from the urgent need to open the case of 2020 and the European Semester, and to bring the content of its knowledge and ton promote debate with the civil society.

Enrolment is free and obligatory, up until the 11 th of December to, with full name, organisation, and Email and telephone contacts.  

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