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F3 College (Colégio F3) | Urban Food Planning: The agri-food chain, the right to food and citizen networks

12 Apr 18:00
Auditório CIUL

The 4 th Session of the seminar cycle on Urban Food Planning, on the 12 th of April, in the CIUL Auditorium.

The 4 th Session of the Seminar Cycle on Urban Food Planning which the Food, Farming and Forestry (F3) College is organised in partnership with the Lisbon Urban Information Centre (CIUL), will address the topic of " Short agri-food chains, the right to food, and citizen networks" and will count on talks by Isabel Rodrigo (ISA-ULisboa), Maria João Estorninho (FD/ULisboa) and Maria José Ilhéu (RRN).

The importance attached by the European Commission to the expansion of short agri-food chains (SAC) is reflected in the Rural Development Program for the Portuguese Continent for the 2014-2020 period (PDR 2020). However, there are still many issues that need to be incorporated and resolved by the national political agenda, namely: (i) to implement, within the framework of public procurement, a common policy for the food supply of public catering arising from SAC; ii) support agricultural producers and local employment; (iii) define the policy instruments to be implemented to facilitate access to products marketed with SAC; or (iv) to reconcile much of the current regulations to the specificities of SACs.

This Cycle studies around six topics, bringing together specialists from Universidade de Lisboa and other sectors of society that have complementary skills in areas of knowledge and performance. Urban Food Planning, which is a result of land planning, production, consumption, culture, and the environment, is approached with a holistic vision to generate a multi-dimensional debate which examines expectations and actions.

Free entrance, with obligatory prior enrolment. Limited to the amount of seats available.

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